We know cleaning an oven can be a daunting task. It's messy, smelly and you can never quite get showroom look that you remember from first purchasing it. The roof is splattered from all the Sunday roasts and the controls have grease collected behind them. There's an annoying streak going down the other side of the glass or maybe you can't even see through it anymore. Those oven pride packs are not the easiest to use and in some cases you have to use the bath to clean the racks?! It's an all day affair usually. Not to mention all of these shop bought oven cleaning kits contain caustic. A corrosive chemical that burns through fat and grease and if not every drop is wiped off, it continues to corrode the surfaces within your oven. This stuff is in the same oven bubbling away while you're cooking! Yummy!

We don't use caustic, all products we use are bio meaning they're environmentally friendly. Also depending on the cleaning needed and the size of the oven, we can have it back to almost showroom condition within 3 hours. Cleaned with no mess, no smell and no fuss.

We dismantle the oven to get into all the nooks and crannies. That annoying streak? No problem! We take the glass out too and along with the racking and the baking tray that came with the oven, they go into out dedicated van mounted dip tank and soaked in a specially formulated boiling hot solution. Back panels come out and the fan taken off and cleaned. Where possible, the element is dropped down and the roof scraped, scrubbed and cleaned.

Singles, doubles, Rangemasters and Agas, we've seen and done them all!

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